Exercise Works

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Several months ago, my training partners and I conducted fitness assessments on ourselves. We measured the strength of our upper and lower bodies, our endurance, our aerobic recovery, body composition and shoulder and hip flexibility. 

My scores blew the charts off the wall!

Working Out

My scores blew the charts off the wall!

 Keeping in mind that I was 61 years old at the time, my strength, when measured against what is considered normal for the population, was graded as “Superior”…for a 30 year old!  I’m not trying to brag, I am trying to make this point:

 Exercise Works!

 All of my training partners performed well above population norms too. And… from my casual observation, I think most regular gym-goers would also test well .

 Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not fooling myself.  I know that any 30 year old guy who trains regularly, and with intensity, has a fitness level that is far above this old man’s. But I can’t deny that the charts say I maxed out what is normal for a 30 year old!

 So, what’s up with that?  Well, “what’s up” is that when regular exercisers compare themselves to the population at large, they see two things:

(1) how fit they are, and,

(2) how un-fit is, everyone else.

 The fact that the general population is so out of shape is the real story here.

We exercisers appreciate the benefits of what we do, while non-exercisers, unfortunately, have no idea.  Hey… this month, help spread the word about how great, regular exercise can be. Invite a friend in for a workout. 

 But go easy on them, they are out of shape!

 Exercise works!  Keep it up, and pass it on…


  1. Bionic Tom:

    Great site, and the blog is a good idea too!

    Question: How do you get a reluctant brother-in-law or friend to learn the joy and benefits of exercise if he seems unwilling?

  2. Ozzie, you just put your finger on one of the most frustrating things about being a fitness trainer. Some people will not be motivated. They are exercise resistant. And when you like, or love, someone and you watch them becoming more and more out of shape, it hurts. Set the example, Oz. And lets catch a W/O next time you are up here. And thanks for reading. Tom.

  3. First off, that is extremely impressive! I hope to be somewhere close to where you are at when I reach 61! Question for you, what exactly did you test? And how did you test it? Absolutely love this blog concept Tom. Looking forward to being a follower :-)


    • Hi Matt. Thank you for the compliment, and for commenting to the blog. As part of what I do, I conduct “comprehensive fitness assessments”. This can be set up to test any number of measurable qualities. In the case mentioned in the article, we tested: Weight, BMI, body composition, blood pressure, cardio endurance, upper body endurance (number of push-ups), flexability of trunk, shoulder and hips, leg strength (plate loaded leg press machine), chest strength (10 rep to failure, bar, flat bench). All strength measures are then calculated as a ratio of body-weight and compared to population norms for the age of the tester. The whole things takes about an hour and a quarter. The great thing about it is that it gives you an accurate record of where you are on that day. So a year from now, you can test again to judge progress. Hope this answers your question. Tom.

  4. I will be 52 this year….I was starting to think it was all downhill from here with regards to my strength….well let me tell you I have been surprised…in a good way…I started working out with Tom and I can not believe how quickly you feel better and stronger. The payback for your time and effort comes quickly…..talk about gratification. No you do not get a perfect body overnight but you feel better day one!!!!!you feel stronger week one…and you know you are going down the right road…sometimes you walk…sometimes you run…but you know you are on the right road.

    Thank You Tom

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