A Challenge for those of us new to blogs

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Okay new readers of

Fitness Message – The Blog

here is a challenge for you.

Practice adding a comment to this article by answering the question below. There are no “wrong” answers. Be as serious or as funny as you like (funny is better).

Here’s the question:   “What made you decide to get fit?”

A few answers to get you started…..

        A photo of me freaked me out

        My doctor scared the heck out of me

        I look like a sausage in clothes


Okay… now it’s your turn.  Click “Comment” below and type your answer. Tomorrow, check back to see what others have said.


  1. I have a good role model. Thanks Tom

    • Sometimes the biggest block to success is the company we keep. When we hang with fit people, and maybe exercise with them, we slowly become them. Thank you for writing, dear.

  2. I was going to a wedding and wanted to look good!

  3. my knees are giving out and I wanted to gain some overall strength.

    • Shoulders and knees… Sheesh! I would guess that they are the most oft injured body parts. And not just in the gym. In fact, easily 40 percent of the people I work with have to modity their workout, to some degree, because of either shoulder or knee issue. Clearly… whoever designed those body parts… oh, never mind.

  4. During my twenties I lived by the motto, “work hard, play hard”, except without the work hard part. This catches up with you quickly and before long I started to look like….A sausage in clothes. So, I started running to offset the drinking and once that snowball gets rolling, running becomes an obsession. The running obsession is just a gateway to other fitness activities because you have to supplement running with strength and flexibility so that you don’t get injured. I no longer look like a sausage in clothes but, people still think I’m a Wiener!

    • If you’ve got to have an obsession, running is not a bad one. Your family has the “running gene” anyway. I hope you are supplimenting all that road time with some strength work. Balance…. you know? Thanks for commenting.

  5. Hi Tom,
    Great Blog – I have not started an exercise plan yet, but will in the near future. Motivation will be my muffin top and Mike.

    • Debby thanks for commenting. That first step is the biggest. But, you know, you must take it. Let me know if I can be of any help.You too… Mike.

  6. im addicted!

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