Do 30 pull-ups? Are you cRaZy?

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In the article “The Almighty Pull-Up”, (Link here)

found in the “Exercises” category of this Fitness Message Blog, I talk about how tough pull-ups are to do. Well… how would you feel if you were challenged to do 30 of those suckers?

That is exactly what I do at FitMAX class from time to time.

In case you don’t know, FitMAX is a non-competitive, fun, group training experience that blends speed, strength, endurance, balance and aerobic training in a workout that will sometimes require you to dig deep within yourself to find the drive to continue when you body wants to quit. The workout is scalable to most fitness levels but even so, they are challenging. Intentionally so.

And yes, we completed our 30 pull-ups.

The way we did this was by doing exactly what I described in the pull-up article. That is, we each did as many pull-ups as we could on our own and then we relied on team members to assist us to complete our 30 reps.

It was tough, and challenging, and we were all sore the next day, but working as a team built within the group, a feeling of partnership. It was such a good feeling the first time we did this, that my heart swelled like a proud parent!

Are you looking for a workout challenge? Stop in for FitMAX, held at Lifetime Fitness, 9:30 AM most Saturdays. Phone me for more info.

I promise you that FitMAX will give you a run for your money! And speaking of money… FitMAX is free for your first visit, and reasonable after that.

Hope you join us, soon.

Your personal trainer, Tom

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