“Food”. We love it, we need it…

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…and we are often confused by it!

Our meals are the mile-stones that delineate our passing day. And each; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, conger up images and feelings very different from one another, even though the common purpose of each is to meet our basic need for nutrition.

For most of us, our basic need for nutrition, has been replaced by; emotions, ease of preparation, time constraints, and the flavor expectations of, salt, sweet, and fat, and, the advertizing pressures of the food industry, whose top priority is for corporate earnings.

Our misguided choices add to our country’s health problems which will continue to worsen as we hand off more and more responsibility for what we eat to others (food industry).

But all is not lost. Step by step, we can make changes to our diets that, over time will improve our bodies and our minds.
Step 1 is awareness. I hope this message has started you on that trail.
Step 2 is knowledge. Reading assignment: Michael Pollan’s book; “In Defense of Food”. An eye opening and convincing read. Borrow it from your public library.
Step 3 is action. Try to apply just a bit of what you learn. Shop locally, buy in-season, cook at home, eat whole foods.
Step 4 is continuous improvement. Over time, learn more and more about the body’s nutritional needs, and work to meet those needs with “food” and without “product”.


  1. Here’s a healthy reminder about chemicals in our food:
    We all have busy schedules, or, if you’re like me, when you go grocery shopping, you want to get in and get out as soon as possible. However, it’s important to remember to read the labels for the ingredients. Most of the groceries in the store are filled with chemicals. Even ‘healthy” things, like raisins and nuts, have chemicals to preserve them. Also, remember that cans and waxed containers are coated with BPA, and that leaches into food.
    The problem is, that with chemicals in everything we eat, the cumulative amount is overwhelming to a body. Chemicals are hard for the body to eliminate, and take away from absorbing the nutrients that we need. They are toxic. And they trigger cancer, because the body can’t fight chemicals and keep the body healthy, too.

    It’s really hard to stay away from all of it, but limiting, or eliminating, the amount of chemicals in a diet leads to weight loss, and limits exposure to the chemicals that trigger cancer.

    • Thanks for the comment. It takes a lot of work to eat clean. But I think the food industry will eventually get the message. I see a lot of organic and pesticide free items showing up. If the consumer supports that, we should begin to see more.

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