Mums the word

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Mums the word.

I had just finished working my back. Deads, pull-ups, rows. At the end of it I was both energized and pooped.

John Berrios and Tom Fortunato showing off

 Adam, the front desk guy, saw me and said, “Tom, you’re looking good”. Either I actually didn’t hear him or, I wanted to hear those words again (subconsciously, of course). So I said, “what was that”? He said it again, adding that I looked “cut”.

You know what?… That made me feel GOOD! For two reasons. First, Adam didn’t add “for a man your age” to his compliment.
And secondly, getting a complimented is unusual, especially from another guy.

As a rule, men don’t compliment the physical appearance of other men. “Great putt”, or “good lift” is okay, but complimenting another man’s body in our culture, is most often, taboo.

Those of us who are driven to get, and to stay fit, spend a lot of; time, dollars, and energy, to do the thing we love to do…. work out. And we don’t do it to make our doctor happy, we do it because we want to look and feel good! Yes, for the opposite sex, but also, for ourselves. When we like how we look, we relate to the world in a better way. We are more self assured, and confident, and our self-talk is positive.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind over-hearing some occasional, sincere, compliments in the gym. We all work hard to better ourselves. 

Let’s reinforce each other with a little praise.



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  1. i thought the same thing when you were doing those pullups with ivan, i didn’t know it was you until you turned around!

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