Never Rule Anyone “OUT”

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Never Rule Anyone “OUT”

High school senior, Dakota Meyer, spoke with the Marine recruiters visiting his school. The conversation ended with the recruiter telling him “….there’s no way you could be a Marine.” Dakota walked away, but the soldier’s words bugged him. He returned to the recruiter and signed up.

Five years later, Dakota Meyer would receive the Medal of Honor for dodging gunfire to save a total of 36 lives!

Never Rule Anyone “OUT”

Now well known, pro basketball player Jeremy Lin was overlooked again and again. He received no athletic scholarship out of high school, was not drafted out of college, and frequently found himself in the development league. A stroke of luck put him in play where he would lead a winning streak that would draw country wide media attention.

Never Rule Anyone “OUT”

And never let anyone rule you out. That right is reserved for you alone.

History books are full of stories about people rising above expectations, even their own, to accomplish great things. Every day, talk positively to yourself. Congratulate successes, ignore failures. Attempt to do more than you think you can.  Push yourself.

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