Government Intervention for my benefit ?

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The recent proposal by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to restrict the serving size of sugared soft drinks, reminded me of a piece I read a while ago about the Denmark “fat tax”. The tax was levied on the amount of fat used in prepared food, as a way to reduce fat content. 

Denmark is not the only country to use taxation in an attempt to improve citizen health and well being. Other countries have imposed costs on sugar, chocolate, cigarettes, and beverages.

On one side of the argument, we hear the cries of those fearful of government meddling into our private lives, and the loss of freedom. I can understand that thinking. I don’t want to me micro-managed either.

On the other side, I think we benefit from most government intervention. I feel this way largely because I distrust big business!

With their primary mission of making a profit, industry will, on occasion, bend rules, ignore potential hazards, and basically try to “get away with” whatever it can. And we, the small, unorganized consumers, have not the knowledge, means, or time to detect problems, and enforce change. Any noise our small voices can make is easily shouted down by use of huge advertizing budgets.

Those of us old enough to remember the 1960s may recall the resistance the auto industry mounted against safety issues made known in the book “Unsafe At Any Speed”, by consumer advocate, Ralph Nader. The auto companies personally attacked Mr. Nader. And he would have been an impotent warrior against the “Big Three” had congress not stepped in as our advocate.

Today, most of us wouldn’t get in a car without seat-belts and air bags. We all take these things for granted and society benefits greatly from them. Had it not been for government intervention, it may have taken decades longer to have these items in place.

Here are just a few more health and safety issues that Big Brother has addressed to our great benefit.

Reduced cigarette use,

Smoke free restaurants and public places,

Safer imported goods (three examples, all from China) cadmium in childrens jewelry,  drywall made with fly-ash instead of gypsum, malamine in food products.

So tell me…. How do you weigh in on this issue?

Big Brother…. good or bad?

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  1. We need the gov’t to lift its heavy hand because people are dumber now than they have been in the past. They have been bombarded by messages so many times that they begin to believe they are true. Have you heard the “bad drugs”, well they weren’t always bad or were they. If the gov’t doesn’t step in to clarify things, people would still believe that diet soda or no calorie soda will keep the weight off. The mayor of New York wanted to prohibit smoking in all bars and restaurants. Who is he to prevent me from getting a second-hand disease? The bars said they would go out of business, that didn’t happen. Raise taxes on the very rich, on the job creators!!! How many jobs did they create these last 10 years. They made money by sending jobs overseas. People believe the hype, who is going to tell them that it doesn’t work that way.

  2. Hi… Tom Fortunato here. I am posting a comment to this article that was sent to my personal address rather than attached to the article. Thanks for reading.

    I see that you “distrust ” big business. I suggest that you study the economies of other countries and do a comparative analysis of the citizens’ lives compared to the USA. We only have the government services that you “trust” because there are large corporations such as Exxon, Walmart etc that pay corporate taxes(highest is the world), pay property taxes where their buildings are and have workers that pay taxes. Most Americans seem to be very under educated in how the economy works. Because of that lack of a basic education in economics, the US citizens are slaves to slogans by politicians. The fact is -the government produces NOTHING-it simply redistributes the money that it takes in via taxes. Our generation is doing a dis-service to the young, such as your grandson, by intimating to them that capitalism is bad-that it is the people in the government that we need to trust and that we will have a better country when we have the government controlling all of business. By the way, the post office cannot even put my mail in my mailbox. I continually get my neighbors’ mail. My son takes Amtrak to and from NYC. The trains are continually late -is this what we want on a grand scale in America? Happy Fourth Of July- One of the last proud Americans

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