Sometimes, we just need to WORK HARDER !

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Previously publised in the July 2010 E-Mail Fitness Message


Leo, my 3 year old grandson, will go for a walk with me around my neighborhood. On these trips he likes to pull his wagon.  Every now and then he will glance back at the wagon to make sure it is still following us. Very cute. 
Hartland Road, a few streets away from my house, runs sharply down-hill, then, sharply up. Years ago I would finish my run by sprinting it, which never failed to kick my butt. A week ago I took Leo for our walk on Hartland Road. To a little 3 year old that hill must have looked like a mountain.


At the top of Hartland Road
Hartland 3


We started down, all went well. Reaching bottom, we were now heading up.


Leo began to feel the wagon’s weight, a new experience. He looked back at it to assess the situation and he switched pulling hands a couple of times to feel it out. Adding to the pull of gravity, the sidewalks on Hartland Road are little used, and full of leaves, sticks and other debris. Leo was struggling to keep the wagon moving. “Heavy” he said, pulling harder but still struggling, “help” he called out, “heavy”. I watched that little boy and admired his hard efforts to make that wagon go.


Without thinking, I began coaching. “Pull Leo”, I said, “pull”. “Heavy” he said again in his little boy voice. I became louder and more insistent: “harder Leo, pull harder”, “heavy”, he came back,


“Leo, you can do this, you are strong, pull hard Leo, harder, Leo… P-U-L-L  H-A-R-D“.


Leo looked straight ahead and focused only on doing what I demanded. Run, Leo… run with the wagon” I told him.


He started to run, and he gained some momentum, and that little boy ran that wagon right to the top of Hartland Road. We stopped. He was tired and out of breath. My eyes watered, I was so very proud of him. I took a few seconds to tell him so, and I told him that I knew he could do it.


Leo Hartland 2I also told him that sometimes when things are tough, that we need to tell ourself that we can do it and then
work harder.


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  1. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!!!!

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