Sabers Hockey Players learn from U.S.Navy Seals

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A while ago, I watched a program that followed a platoon of U.S. Navy Seal recruits as they worked through their incredibly tough training. Watching those twenty five men, all lean and strong and in the prime of their lives, getting their butts handed to them, made me realize the incredible abilities we humans have, given desire, and proper training.

So when it was announced that the Sabers Pro Hockey team would be going through a Navy Seal Boot Camp, I took notice because I had some idea what that might mean.

Pro hockey demands strength, skill, speed and endurance. And some would argue that hockey players are among the fittest athletes in sports. But as fit as the Sabers are, the Seals workout kicked their butts!


Off the ice and out of their comfort zone, the Sabers were forced to move in ways that were foreign to them. Sand under foot, irregular surfaces, cold blowing wind, icy Lake Erie, these guys had to figure it out as they went along. And with drill instructors, no doubt, barking at them with no let-up. An uncomfortable experience, for sure.

A few player quotes: “pushups, sit-ups, crunches, squats… at 5A.M.!  like a thousand times, then we had to swim inLake Erie”. And in the end: “while the muscles were pushed to extreme limits… it was a great experience” “it really puts hard work in perspective”.

So… as difficult as the event was, by day’s end, the players had built new skills, realized new abilities, experienced team-work in a foreign environment and overall, were pleased with themselves. I would guess that in looking back years from now, training with the Navy Seals will stand out as a high-point.

Navy Seal Training! Dog gone! Who wouldn’t tell their grand-kids about that?!

Okay then… you and I may never have the opportunity, or the energy, to do  something as challenging as Seal training, but what can people like you and me, average gym go-ers with sedentary jobs and lots of responsibilities, what can we learn from this?

What can we  learn from this?

First: Our bodies are built to take it! 

God, nature, or evolution, (take your choice), created us to survive incredibly dire situations. But since our easy lifestyle doesn’t use but a fraction of our capability, we grow soft. Fortunately, most readers here, are engaged in physical activity, thereby maintaining some level of fitness.

Second: Most of us are in a fitness rut.

I would wager that most of us are so deeply embedded in our fitness rut that our workouts have lost much of their effectiveness.

Look… Sabers coaching staff saw a need to use unconventional training to shake players out of their rut.

So… who coaches a YOU?

Answer this question honestly:

“What have you done differently in your training in the last month, or year, or (heaven forbid) decade, to trigger body adaptation?”

If the answer is; “little or nothing”, you need to shake things up.

Let me offer you something that won’t cost you a dime to try.



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