The FITMAX Experience

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Presenting:  The Video

Photographed and edited by John McClintock in March 2012


 is a non-competitive, group, cross-training experience that blends speed, strength, endurance, balance, and aerobic work into a one-hour session that will sometimes require you to dig deep within yourself to continue. All work is scalable to your fitness level.

works the whole body, focusing on movements that integrate muscle groups, using them exactly as we do in everyday work.

  trains the body to efficiently transport; fuel, oxygen and waste products, allowing us to keep going… long and hard! Armed forces, police, firefighters and athletes desiring real-world toughness use some of the movements incorporated into this workout.

Visit  most Saturdays 9:30 A.M. Lifetime Fitness Gym. Phone me for additonal information (585-730-3022).


your personal trainer, Tom Fortunato.


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