A Smooth Move !

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Start your day with a nutritional


Three or four days a week I have 5 A.M. training appointments. Since I live in Irondequoit, a 20 minute drive from the gym, I would need to get up at 3:30 A.M. in order to cook myself a healthy breakfast.

Preferring to snooze as long as I can… I set myself up the night before with a vitamin-packed smoothie.

Here’s how:

In my blender jar, I place the following: strawberries (if on hand, one or two), blueberries (a good palm-full, frozen usually), prunes (two or three), half a banana, and/or a few grapes, and/or any other fruit.

Also; cottage cheese/or yogurt/or hard boiled egg (must have protein).

And; a small handful of: spinach, some bell pepper, tomato, other bits of vegetable I may have in the frig.

For their anti-inflammatory properties, I also add a  sprinkle of ground cinnamon, some turmeric, and a good grating of fresh ginger.

The next morning as my coffee is making, I add skim milk to the blender, smoothie it up, and send it down my hatch! Mmmmm! Tasty!

An hour later, at 5 A.M. as I’m walking into the gym, my meal is hitting my bloodstream, and I’m ready to rock!

By the way… there’s no magic to what you add to your smoothie. Experiment and make yours out of things that you like to eat. For maximum vitamin content, try to get some of each; vegetable, fruit, protein. And the more colorful, the better. Greens, purples, reds, all good!

See you tomorrow at 5 A. M. !


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