Med Ball Get-Ups – a FITMAX exercise

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The value of Get-Ups

We don’t often think much about it, but whenever we stand up from a lying position, we use many muscle groups, and do a lot of work*. Consider what it would be like to lift a sack of potatoes your weight and height from flat on the floor to full vertical. Doing that would be tough work. So… now you can see that Med Ball Get-Ups can be a great bodyweight exercise. To make it even more difficult, at FITMAX, we add the element of time to the movement, giving us a way to measure power**.

*Work = force X distance            **Power = work / time

Give Med Ball Get-Ups a try… Here’s how:

The set-up: Lie supine (face up) on the floor.

The exercise: Toss a medicine ball as high into the air as possible (this is the time element) and immediately stand up and catch the ball before it bounces a second time.

Repeat for reps.



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