Missing Muscles

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Five muscles we don’t need

I’ve always assumed that all humans have exactly the same muscular system. That is; the same number of muscles, all located in roughly the same places in the body. In reality, some of us came up short in the muscle department.

Most likely the result of genetics, there are five muscles that can be completely absent from some of us. But it doesn’t seem to make a big difference in our every-day living. Nature has given us all we need to get by and these five “extra” muscles, which may have been important 50,000 years ago, are now redundant.

Lucky us!

Palmaris Longus: works to flex the wrist. Missing in up to 16 % of the population.

Flexor Carpi Radialis: works to flex and abduct the hand. Psoas Minor: Is a hip and lumbar flexor. Missing in up to 50% of the population.
Peroneus Teritus, (aka) Fibularis Tertius: partly responsible for dorsiflexion (movement of the toes toward the shin). Plantaris: Helps with plantar flexion (move toes away from the shin) Missing in up to 10% of population.

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