Study Gone Wrong

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A 2011 study at Louisiana State University showed that candy eating adolescents were significantly less likely to be overweight or obese than non-eaters.

The study tracked 11,000 young consumers who self reported the results. According to the study, the candy eating children were 22% less likely to be overweight than kids who did not indulge. The study was partially funded by the National Confectioners Association.

Huh? Wait a minute! Red flags all over the place!

Red flag #1; Some of the funding for the study came from a party having a stake in the outcome, representing a conflict of interest.

Red flag #2; Self reporting by test subjects can reduce the accuracy of a study. Subjects can forget some or all of what they are supposed to report, and, they may try to give technicians what they think are the “right” answers.

Red flag #3; The results simply make no sense! Any group eating high calorie candy, all else being equal with the control group, should show an increase in fat and weight.

Hey LSU… were you on a sugar high? 


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