Three Things (from The Fitness Message October 2010)

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Create a better “YOU”

Do not get “stuck”

Move toward the new “you” by imagining what you could be.

For example; if you desire to be really fit, think to yourself: “What does a fit person eat? And what does a fit person do?”

Then… start living like a fit person.

See it, live it, be pulled by it, become it.


On Goal Setting

Set goals that you can achieve on a daily basis

Don’t say; “I will lose 50 pounds this year”.

A goal like that is too far reaching and too easy to give up.

Do say; “today I will have 1 treat instead of my usual 3”.

Do say; “I will walk 30 minutes three times, this week”.

Smaller goals are things you can directly control. Completing them gives you immediate and positive feed-back that will boost your belief in your ability to succeed.

It is the little things that we do every day that and achieve the big things.


Be the best St. Bernard

Some of us are a Greyhound. Sleek, lean, fast.

Some of us are a St. Bernard. Heavy, sturdy, plodding.

No matter how wishful a St. Bernard is, or how hard it tries, it can never be a Greyhound.

But… a St. Bernard can strive to be the very best St.Bernard it can.

Not a bad thing at all!


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