Un-Believable! (wish it were)

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Below are a few sentences from an article I read that should tick off every one of us.

1) Hundreds of thousands of Americans have state income taxes withheld from their paychecks that never go to the government. They don’t know it, because the law doesn’t require telling them this. Once the taxes are withheld, the state regards them as having paid their taxes. It then lets the companies they work for keep these taxes.

2) America invented the Internet. It’s now 29th in the world in its Internet speed. The triple-play package, cable, phone, and Internet – both Frontier and Time Warner offer them – after the first year, costs about $160 per month with taxes. In France it costs about $40, and instead of calling for two countries, you get worldwide telephone calling. Instead of domestic TV channels, you get live television from around the world. You get an Internet that’s 10 times faster downloading and 20 times faster uploading.

Ticked off? Good!

Read more by clicking the link below:

The Devil in the Details


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