Who in the world is Carmen Basilio?

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Carmen Basilio 1927 – 2012

Standing in line at Irondequoit Wegmans a few years ago, I was delivered a series of punches to my ribs! Thinking “what the heck?!” I turned around to see this old man, smiling up at me. He asked “do you know who I am?” and I confessed that I had no idea. He said “I’m Carmen Basilio, champion fighter”. I told him I was happy to meet him and we shook hands. We talked for a few minutes as he told me a bit of his history and about some of his big wins. I feigned interest and after 5 minutes, we parted with a smile.

Today I am a little smarter and I realize that I missed an opportunity to become friends with a very interesting athlete.

Take a look at a few minutes of the ESPN Documentary

“Fighting The Mob – The story of Carmen Basilio”

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