Do you think you can lose 10 pounds…………………by Valentine’s Day ?

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Scale faceOriginal Post 1/25/13

Do you think you can lose 10 pounds by Valentine’s Day (3 weeks)? That’s waht I asked myself on January 24th.

I don’t know if I can either, but I’ve committed myself to doing just that. And, one of my trainee friends has committed to it also, in fact we have a small “fun” bet going (and I’m gonna win!).

The way I will do this is to cut all junk out of my diet, and believe me, there is a lot to cut. High sugar products will be the first to go. Products made of flour will be the next. The bulk of my carbohydrates will come from vegetables, mostly raw, as in salads, some fruit, and from all the “invisible” sugars in almost every product we buy.

To minimize muscle sacrifice from my reduced caloric intake, I will keep protein intake high with lean meats, dairy, and fish. I already log everything I eat, have done so for years, but now, logging will take on new importance.

My strength training will remain the same (4X week body part and FITMAX on Saturday), and, I’m ramping up my aerobic work, to increase caloric burn (4X week 30 – 40 minutes).

Weigh-ins will be done Saturday morning’s at 10:30 after FITMAX. Interested in joining us? Come in for a weigh-in, I’ll explain more then. No cost, this just a fun thing. A fun thing that will result in some lost blubber!

Breakfast perfectAddition to this post 1/27/13

I have a lot of early morning (5 A.M.) training appointments. As such I do not often have time to “cook” a breakfast. But when I do, I go all-out. Check it out.

Eggs: one or two whole, and two or three whites, scrambled with a spray of oil.

Vegetables & fruit: whatever I happen to have in my refrig. On the day I made up what you see in the attached photo I used the following; a small grab of salad mix, pieces of bell pepper and tomato, a few baby carrots, three prunes, and half a pear.

That plate of food took 10 minutes to prepare and provided me (best estimate): 345 calories, 40g protein, 12g fat, 44g carbs, and every vitamin the human body needs.

Addition to this post 2/5/13

After a rough weekend that included birthday and Superbowl parties, and much more than my usual alcohol intake, I picked up two pounds. It’s not unusual for me to gain after a big weekend, and I always lose it quickly. I’ll step on the scale in another day or so. Not worried.

Addition to this post 2/8/13

This morning… scale says I’m down 7 pounds. I’m just 3 pounds away from my 10 lb goal. Fairly confident that I can shead 3 pounds in 6 days.

Final Addition to this post 2/14/13

Well… I did not lose 10 pounds in three weeks as I had promised myself, but I came close. Actual weight lost was 8.6 pounds.

I did not succeed because I lost focus. I put myself in risky situations, parties and dinners out, that tempted me. But the bigger problem was that because I knew my challenger was safely behind me, my competitive drive disapeared.

What I learned:

When I want to, I am able to turn away from my cravings. I behaved like a different person, as though I had brainwashed into not desiring sweets. On those occasions that I thought about cheating, I simply told myself that I couldn’t indulge, and I wouldn’t.

Also…. Having lost 8.6 pounds of (mostly) fat, my mid-section is flat and abbs more noticeable. And… pull-ups are a lot easier!

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