Laughing Burns Calories (February 2013)

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that wasn't chicken

Things I don’t understand

Yo Gabba Gabba


Yo Gabba Gabba


The whole vampire thing

The need to adjust home lights or thermostat via the internet


In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt signed an immigration act which excluded; idiots, imbeciles, feeble-minded persons, the insane, and others.  These days, we don’t need to inport them, we raise our own!

 Overheard in the gym

“My girlfriend thinks I’m a stalker. Well, she’s not actually my girlfriend… yet.”

“Starbucks needs to put in an express lane for coffee only”. (From my nephew Matt)

"did I do that?"


Play the video below then, say this in your best “Urkel” voice: “Did I do Thaiatt?!”


t in dog beers t not short fun size t pass me a beer t WTF


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