You snooze, You lose !

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Can lack of sleep cause obesity?

Compared to sleepers who got seven to nine hours of sleep per night, those who got less than 4 hours were 73% more likely to be obese. And, sleepers who got just 6 hours sleep were 23% more likely to be obese. That is what a Columbia University study of 18,000 people revealed.

So why does number of hours in the sack influence belt size?


Lack of sleep disrupts levels of the hormones; leptin and ghrelin which influence hunger and appetite, says Columbia researcher S. Heymsfield. As leptin levels fall, and ghrelin levels rise, the body gets the signal to slow metabolism and to hold on to body-fat. Additionally, too little sleep triggers overeating, and the resultant weight gain.

So… how much sleep do we need?

Experts say that for peak performance, most of us need seven to nine hours per night. Can’t get that? Not to worry. Catching naps throughout the day may be just as effective at regulating our hormones as one continuous sleep.

Tips to set yourself up for a good night sleep;

Make your bedroom a comfortable, quiet, relaxing place. Don’t read or watch TV in bed. Use it only for sleeping and sex.

Strenuous exercise and other physically demanding work may hinder relaxation. Avoid doing it close to bed-time..

When your mind is hyperactive, dismiss the problems by telling yourself “I’ll take care of that tomorrow”.

Relax your mind by thinking of your blessings, and say a prayer.  Good night!

An alternative view. Mine! 

Sometimes I wonder…. The study doesn’t say if the lack of sleep caused the obesity, or if the subjects were obese to start with, causing lack of sleep? (As in the disorder; sleep apnea.)

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