Planning on living to 80 ? This is some scary stuff !

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Compared to two century’s ago, we live a long time!

Life Span – recent centuries

  •        1796 – 25 years
  •        1896 – 48 years
  •        1996 – 78 years
  •        2096 – 150 years?

Even though we’ll live longer, we may spend the last 10 to 20 years in assisted living! Because we will be frail and unable to care for ourselves!

Here’s why:

  • Our Muscle Mass peaks at age 25 to 30.
  • Our Bone Mass tops out in our early 20’s.

It can be all down hill after that!

By age 65:

  • Men could have lost 15% bone density.
  • Women could have lost a whopping 40% bone density!
  • Men & woman both, could have lost 33% muscle mass!

Loss of strength and bone density is the perfect recipe for frailty, broken bones and falls!

And let me tell you this… all it takes is a fall to:

  •          Lose your self confidence
  •          Put doubt in the minds of your loved ones.
  •          Injure yourself in a way that could change your life forever.

And the older you are, the more difficult it is to recover from injuries.

Fortunately, we have some control over this muscle and bone loss. It has to do with a process in our bodies called “remodeling” which works like this (simplified):

If we don’t use our muscles and bones, our body will slowly let them waste away. If we do use them, our body will build them up and make them stronger!

So there we have it! We can make remodeling work for us. We do this by sending the signal to our body that we need and want to keep the muscles and bone that we have.

Here’s how we do it:

Word of Caution here: Before working alone, talk to your doctor. If you will be working with a competent trainer, s/he should have you cleared for exercise before starting training.

For Muscles:        Two things:

1) Do weight bearing work. Figure out a way to get out of your chair and start walking and moving. Think of your house and garden work as exercise. All that bending and lifting, pushing and pulling, adds up and signals the body that you NEED those muscles, and your body will make them stronger.

2) Begin a strength training program. A lot can be done with very little equipment (I design do-at-home programs that require almost nothing). Even better, get yourself in to a well outfitted gym. Don’t worry about the cost; this is your life we are talking about here!

If you know nothing about strength training, you will need some good advice to get started. Best bet; talk to a trainer, second best, talk to a knowledgeable friend.

Plan on strength-training each body part (legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms, core) once each week.

After you get your routine down, your training will take you a measly three hours a week! Every one of us can afford 3 hours a week for this vital need.

For Bones:        Three things:

1) Supplement your diet with an amount of D-Vitamin and calcium that your physician recommends,

2) Reduce or eliminate soft drinks and chocolate. Drinking phosphate containing soft drinks can result in calcium being pulled from bones, and the oxilate in chocolate can inhibit calcium absorption and increase calcium loss.

3) Start a weight bearing and strength training program as described above.

Please… Get going NOW!

We still have a lot of living to do! Remain independent. Control your destiny. Don’t let the lack of stamina prevent you from enjoying life. Lets work together to stay as fit as we can for a long as we can. You’ve never quit before. And you’re not going to quit now! See me if you need help.

Your Personal Trainer,    Tom Fortunato

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