Five obstacles to weight loss

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Obstacle #1 & #2

Eating at inappropriate times and places:

When “mom” did all the cooking, she controlled “when” and “where”, the family would eat.

Mom would serve “three squares”, and at their best, they were healthy and portion 1950 family dinnercontrolled.

Today we exist in a food “free-for-all”. Advertising has sold us on the idea that food can be consumed anytime and anywhere. And we bought into it! We drive our cars with a take-out beverage, some of which have as many calories as a full meal. Autos have a cup-holders and who will be surprised when autos start coming with snack-bowls?

Many work-places have turned into break-rooms! We have an assortment of snacks from home, from vending machines, and we have microwave ovens to heat meals and snacks, making it possible to avoid feeling even a tiny bit of hunger!

We eat our way through our days and go home after work, not well, but fed.


Obstacle #3

Portion size:

huge portionsStudies have shown that most of us will consume whatever quantity of food we put on our plate. Do you recall the saying; “our eyes are bigger than our stomach”?

Well… our stomachs are catching up!

As a way to attract customers by offering good  “value for the dollar”, restaurant portion sizes have gotten out of hand! But still, we clean the plate.


 Obstacle #4

The hyper-palatables:

donutsThe “hyper-palatables” are:

Sugar, Salt, Fat, and, to a lesser degree, Flour.

These ingredients give us the flavors and textures that we crave. All of them have low nutritional value and some; sugar and fat, have high caloric content. When consumed in moderation, hyper-palatables are not harmful. But their over-consumption can displace more nutritious foods, and greatly increase our overall caloric intake.


Obstacle #5

The lazy eater:

The lazy eater consumesmicrowave meal whatever is most convenient. He frequents fast food joints and eats “Nutrition” bars and drinks. At home, his most-used kitchen appliance is the microwave oven, used to heat frozen entrees.


Spend time with your food. The more know, and the more you are involved with the purchase and preparation of your foods, the healthier you will eat.

Buy raw and cook! “Your food becomes you.” Make it the good stuff.


Thank you for reading, Tom.

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