Look in the mirror

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woman mirrior buttLook in the mirror. What you see before you is the sum total of all you have done for (and to) yourself for the better part of your life.

If you cared enough to eat properly, made the time to work your muscles and elevate your heart-rate, avoided more than the occasional sampling of intoxicants, and are on good terms with your physician, you probably like what you see. On the other hand, if you frequently behaved foolishly, and stupidly believed that your body would somehow take care of itself no mater what, or that your doctor could fix you up after years of abuse, that image in the mirror does not make you happy.

But all is not lost.                                              

remarkable bodyNature has equipped our flesh and bones with remarkable recuperative  abilities. Depending on your age, and your degree of decrepitation, you will very likely be able to roll the calendar back, but possibly not to where you would like it to be. Nevertheless, the improvements in your health, your appearance, and your self appreciation will be worth the effort.

Start today! 

heavy woman ex bikeIf you are over-weight, consume just ten times your weight in calories 200 pounds = 2000 calories. This should slowly reduce your weight without lowering your metabolism. Move your body. Start by walking. Then increase as tolerated to jogging, biking, or any other form of moving. As little as ten minutes a day at first, then slowly increase up to 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Begin a strength building program. Train and stretch every skeletal muscle in your body once each week. Join a gym and hire a trained if needed. Start light and increase intensity after six or eight weeks. Schedule an appointment with your physician and ask for a blood draw.

The time to act is now!Just look in the mirror.

Thanks for reading, Tom Fortunato 


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