The 15 Minute Trick

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Humans will attempt to avoid anything that is thought to be unpleasant.

But often, it is the unpleasant things in life are exactly what we need. We may dislike school or work, but we know that our future depends on building up knowledge, skill, and financial resources. And so, we make the best of it, and go…..   

Other things in life, some folks do avoid. Exercise is an example. Yes, we all know that we need to burn calories and build muscle, but when some of us think about exercise, all they can visualize is the drudgery; breathing heavily and sweating profusely, for hours!

And all that seems daunting. They would sooner clean the bathroom!

Those folks need to use: the 15 Minute Trick.

Here’s how it works:CLOCK

Tell yourself that you will exercise for just 15 minutes. That’s all! And, set a timer! How bad could that be? Heck! Before you know you’ve started, the 15 minutes are done!

But here is the “Trick” part.

Doing just those 15 little minutes has re-set the stage in your mind. You now know that doing this little workout will not be as difficult as you had previously anticipated. Thus, you will be more likely to repeat it. And by doing it again and again, a habit could form.  

After a while, those 15 minute sessions may turn into 20, and a while after that, you may actually come to enjoy them! And goodness knows where that may take you!  

I’ve long said:

It’s amazing what we can do if we will just start. I also say


If you are not exercising these days, give it 15.

And if you know a friend who needs a push, clue him in too.  

The results may amaze.  

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