We are not alone!

Every single day; Eight Thousand Americans celebrate their 65th birthday!

And almost every one of us is concerned about what our future will look like.

If you’re like me (I am 66), you’ve been feeling the effects of “aging” for a while now, and you don’t like it!  

But still. We have lots of living to do. We want to remain independent, and control our own destiny.

I can help you. I work with lots of people our age who refuse to become weak and frail. They train with me to stay as fit as possible for as long as they can.

Will they ever feel like a 27 year old again? Hey… I’m a trainer, not a magician! Of course not! But 60+Strong+Fit clients  improve their strength, mobility, self- esteem,  confidence, and balance, and on and on and on!

Workouts are tailored to each client’s ability. And as those abilities change, the workouts do also, so that we continue to be challenged.  You won’t be exhausted when you finish the workout. But you will know you did something GOOD! And don’t think you can’t afford to work with me! I keep this program very affordable.

Take a free get-acquainted workout with me and see for yourself (some restrictions). I promise you will learn a lot. One last thing; please act now.  It’s not going to be any easier next year! Call me to schedule a time.

Tom Fortunato, your personal trainer.