About Tom

Who am I and what is my philosophy?

Tom FortunatoI am Tom Fortunato.  I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer operating Fitness Motivation in the Rochester New York area.  My interests are my spouse of many years, my two sons and 6 grandchildren, and, anything to do with fitness and healthy living. I spend my days helping others to get fit and to feel good about themselves. I do this in my work as a trainer, with my newsletter, and with this Blog.

I believe that everyone, regardless of age, has a need to stay physically active to the level that his or her body allows. I didn’t always feel that way. As a fat kid with a terrible body- image, the only time I exercised was when I couldn’t find a way to get out of gym class! My hobbies were;  sitting, and eating junk food.  And I was very good at doing both of them.

All through my teens, I hated how I felt about myself, and especially, I hated how I looked. Eventually, I came to realize that the only thing keeping me feeling and looking that way, was…  ME!

It was a long road from that realization to where I am now, and someday I may tell that story, but these days, a “good” day is when I’ve had a good workout and a “great” day is when I helped someone else to have a good one.  

My Mission

“To inspire and educate those around me to improve their lives through health and fitness.”


My Philosophy

“Every person I have ever worked with has needed one or both of the following; Education, Motivation (see below). My job as fitness trainer is to understand each client’s unique need, and fulfill it.

Education: providing the “what, how and why” of exercise, diet, and self control.

Motivation: develop within the client a belief that s/he has the ability to create a leaner, stronger, fitter, happier self.

Those who take the time to consult with me are aware that their health and fitness are in decline, or at least, are not what they would like it to be. Many of these people are beginning a long, multi-step process that will include denial, anger, improvements and set-backs. My role in that process is to be an educator, and a supporter. By encouraging and reinforcing the good work, and by allowing the client to forgive and to learn from the slip-ups, s/he can move steadily ahead. And the lessons and habits learned in the process will leave the client with the tools needed to stay fit for a lifetime.